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Restore Your Health and Vitality

Zeolite has anti-aging properties.

Because ULTRA LIQUID ZEOLITE™ uses interdimensional humic acid to carry the zeolite to your cells, the anti-aging properties of organic humic acid "come with." There is no substitute for organic humic acid to revitalize our cells and reverse cellular degeneration.

Get Healthy & Feel Great

ULTRA LIQUID ZEOLITE™ is safe to use

ULTRA LIQUID ZEOLITE™ comes from the only ore supply that's been approved as safe for consumption by humans. In addition, it has been processed in such a way that it can NEVER withdraw necessary minerals or elements from your body — only the harmful ones. In fact, it actually helps to remineralize your cells.

Chemical Free

It is processed without chemicals.

Through a natural, proprietary process, concentrated organic humic acid molecules have "naturally digested" the zeolite, holding it in permanent suspension. ULTRA LIQUID ZEOLITE™ is chemical-free, no chemicals, solvents or heat-treating methods are used in our proprietary natural holistic manufacturing process.

Detoxifies the Body

It is a natural fast-acting super detoxifier!

Zeolites are a group of minerals with a four-sided honeycomb structure and, rare among minerals, a negative magnetic charge. The effect of the structure and the magnetic charge is that zeolite draws heavy metals and toxins to it and simply engulfs them. The toxins "check in" and they can't "check out." Then the zeolite carries them safely and harmlessly out of the body through normal digestion. The form of zeolite in our product (there are nearly 50 naturally-occurring zeolites) is called "clinoptilolite," and it is this type of zeolite that has been studied for its effect in human nutrition.

Best Radiation Removal
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100% pure Clinoptilolite!

ULTRA LIQUID ZEOLITE™ is composed 100% of the zeolite subgroup called "clinoptilolite" — the type of zeolite that has generated such amazing results in laboratory testing.

Boosts Immune System

ULTRA LIQUID ZEOLITE™ is a unique antioxidant.

Zeolite crystals act as "micro-sponges" absorbing free radicals, carcinogens and viral particles. Its unique methods only complement existing nutritional supplements without redundancy. Zeolite is a unique antioxidant. Traditional antioxidants absorb free radicals whereas zeolite traps free radicals in its structure, inactivating and eliminating them. Therefore it is complementary to additional antioxidants.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with the results this product brings just return it for a prompt and courteous refund.

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