Learn Why ULTRA Liquid Zeolite is the #1 Solution to the Japanese Nuclear Crisis

Nuclear radiation Poisoning

The world will never be the same after the devastating nuclear disaster of Fukushima, Japan, which has spewed out never-before-seen levels of radiation (worse than Chernobyl) into the atmosphere and Pacific Ocean, endangering life in the entire Northern Hemisphere. Not long after the explosion, dangerously high levels of radiation in the US (North, South, West Coast and East Coast) were detected in the air, rainwater, tap water and milk - the latter being an especially alarming sign showing that the radiation is already on the ground and contaminating everything in the food chain.

Governments downplay risk

As usual, the Government is lying and downplaying the danger and the EPA has arbitrarily raised its recommended safe limits of radiation exposure.

How zeolite works

Luckily, nature has provided us with an effective way to protect ourselves against radiation of all types, including nuclear fallout: zeolite. Liquid zeolite has the incredible ability to cross the blood-brain barrier and attract radioactive isotopes and particles within our body, trap them in its cages and then carry them safely out.

What we Learned from Chernobyl

Zeolite first became popular and achieved worldwide recognition during the Chernobyl nuclear disaster when it was used to decontaminate radioactive cesium and strontium from the water. Additionally, children were fed cookies and biscuits laden with zeolite to help remove radiation from their bodies, and dairy cows were fed zeolite to remove radiation from their milk.

Protect your health

Liquid zeolite is the #1 solution to the Japanese nuclear crisis. Radiation is invisible, tasteless and odorless but its effects on the human body are toxic and cumulative, and may hasten the advent of cancer and death if ignored. If you want to be sure of protecting yourself and removing radioactive particles safely from your body, use liquid zeolite on a daily basis to keep yourself clean, healthy and strong.


Detox - About 2 bottles per month

Heavy Detox - About 3 bottles per month

Duration - 6 months

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